Is Investing In ETF Better Than Stocks? ETFs Vs Direct Stock Investing Explained HDFC securities

ETFs Vs Direct Stock Investing: What should I opt for? Is Investing In ETF Better Than Stocks?
The problem of plenty results in a dilemma of choice. Asset classes bonds, stocks, mutual funds, commodity or ETFs – a whole array of it can be confusing to many investors. Each asset class serves a purpose that has to match with one’s risk profile and goal. The ultimate purpose, however, is to mitigate risk and maximise return. When we talk about ETFs and stocks, both are easily traded in exchanges and can be bought and sold by having a broking and Demat account. Investment in equities can offer investors potentially high growth or multi-bagger opportunities in the long run. It requires considerable time, analytical skills and knowledge to engage in research to identify a share.
Equities can be volatile and sharp movements in any stock can cause a dent in the overall portfolio. Besides, equities belong to the high risk and high reward category. On the other hand, ETFs are well-diversified resulting in less volatility. A diversified ETF, like an index ETF, replicates the composition of the index thereby any sharp movements within its components will not impact the overall portfolio. Unlike equities, one need not spend time, knowledge and other skills as an ETF follows an index or an underlying created taking into account the market capitalisation of individual stocks and their respective weights in the portfolio composition. ETF is subject to low risk as they are diversified and the return will mimic the underlying. Nevertheless, the return of an ETF can never beat the index. The transaction cost for equities is higher in comparison to ETFs because buying individual equities results in multiple transactions than buying a portfolio.

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