‘It should have never came out of his mouth’: TikToker confronts Saltgrass manager for allegedly defending white busboy who used the N-word

A TikToker states that her supervisor at Saltgrass Steak House in Lubbock, Texas, informed her that Black individuals can’t inform anybody who can and can not state the N-word.

The TikToker states that the discussion began after she heard a white busboy call a Black busboy the N-word. Angel Acheam, the TikToker who published the video, at first submitted a video declaring that, “I informed my racist supervisor a white busser stated the n-word and he stated it’s all right for anybody to state which it’s not for Black individuals to choose.”

She is recording the supervisor and set the video to circus music.


Acheam reuploaded the video without the music so that the discussion in between the 2 was more quickly decipherable. “You can not inform them, ‘No you’re incorrect’ due to the fact that you do not live your life every day appearing like me,” Acheam can be heard stating.

Both videos have a combined 15,000 views considering that being published on Sunday.

The manger protects himself by stating, “I have nieces and nephews that are Black.” Acheam starts to state that this is a typical defense of individuals who wish to utilize the word, however her supervisor cuts her off and states she has actually the scenario puzzled.

She clarifies and reacts that the white busboy did not “utilize the word as a regard to endearment.”

” He utilized it to deteriorate that other busser. It must have never ever came out of his mouth. He must never believe it. He needs to never ever duplicate it,” she includes.

The remarks area was filled with outrage from individuals who stated the supervisor must be fired. Someone left a remark that stated, “I do not understand why relation to Blackness is anything individuals utilize to validate them stating it.”

” I would’ve lost my task that day,” another individual composed in the remarks, describing how they would’ve responded if they remained in Acheam’s shoes that day.

The Daily Dot connected to Acheam and Landry’s, the corporation that owns the Saltgrass Steak House franchise.

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