Itty Bitty Halloween-y Bats: Funny Memes, Cute Pics And Facts

It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeeen. Well, no, it’s technically not yet. But it’s Halloween month! Halloween is never just one day. If it was just one day, how could we possibly have time to celebrate all of the most Halloween-y animals this month. We need to give love to black cats. We need to find videos of animals playing with pumpkins. We need to bring you new pictures of awwdorable animals in costumes

And of course, we could never forget one of the most Halloween-y Halloween animals ever. Bats. Oh, yes, this is necessary, ladies and gentleman. Bats basically never get any love, and we’re about to fix that. Because bats are absolutely adorable, and the memes about them are funny as heck, and we’re about to prove both of these things to you right now. 


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