‘I’ve never seen someone look so unhappy to see their girlfriend’: TikToker surprises her boyfriend at college—and viewers call out red flags

 A person laughing (L) and a group of young people (R).

A TikTok of a girl unexpected her sweetheart at college has audiences weighing in on what they’re calling warnings in the relationship.

User @laurenzarras published what she states was a ““ unique minute ” when she shocked her long-distance partner, Robbie, at college.


In the video, another buddy leads her into a space where Robbie is resting on the sofa with 3 other females. Uplifting music playing over the video makes it tough to understand if anything was stated, however Robbie looks in some sort of shock prior to eventually getting up to provide his sweetheart a hug, while everybody else hanging out in the space chuckles and loafs.

The clip has actually acquired almost 15 million consider as individuals weigh in on what they feel they’’ ve obtained about Lauren and Robbie’’ s relationship from those 19 seconds.

““ I ’ ve never ever seen somebody appearance so dissatisfied to see their sweetheart, ” composed @audiosomal.

““ I can FEEL THE AWKWARD TENSION!” ” included @nicknatpatty. ““ Homegirls on the sofa are actually chuckling.””


Another audience recommended that body movement was providing whatever away, which ““ even his buddies’ faces were all set for him to get captured.””


The video has actually even influenced a variety of stitches and duets, with other TikTokers calling out the video as uncomfortable.


But another TikToker states the judgment of the video is bothersome, pointing particularly to the consistent stream of criticisms focused on Robbie for resting on a sofa with other ladies.

““ If a male doesn ’ t have any female buddies, I ’ m going to presume it ’ s due to the fact that either, one, he makes females uneasy and they put on’’ t wish to be his good friends, or more, he just sees females as sexual items,” ” @lizmjohns “stated. “ Why is that something you would desire in a partner?””


As for Lauren, she doesn ’ t appear atall worried about the state of her’relationship, even if she is tired of fighting the unfavorable talk about the video.


“ Breaks my heart that individuals can enjoyan unique minute and bring a lot negativeness, ” she composed after the video went viral. “ Please believe prior to you presume anything about my relationship “. ”


In a follow-up video , she included that she and Robbie had actually been dating long-distance for a year and are still “ actually consumed with each other ” and in contact continuously throughout “the day.


The Daily Dot has actually connected to Lauren by means of TikTok remark.

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