Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Are They Responsible For Bringing Josh & Jim Bob Down?

From the minute that Jim Bob and business got in the spotlight, critics of the Duggars have actually been rooting for the household’s failure.

Even prior to the very first Josh Duggar sex scandal made headings in 2015, millions were of the belief that Jim Bob had actually required a precariously cult-like belief system on his kids, and in doing so, had actually developed the sort of environment in which secrecy is vital and abuse runs widespread.

We now understand, naturally, that those suspicions were 100 percent warranted.

Jim Bob and Michelle had the gall to welcome a tv team into their house just since they understood how effective their brainwashing efforts had actually been:

 Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Picture

Even as they went into teenage years and early their adult years, the kids never ever believed to question the weird scenarios of their childhood since they had actually never ever come across any other way of life.

By keeping his kids entirely separated, Jim Bob had the ability to guarantee that they were uninformed of the level to which they were being denied of anything approaching normalcy.

Yes, they would be allowed to offer interviews to the TLC team, however just under Jim Bob’s careful eye, and just with the guarantee that Jim Bob would have last word over what made it to air.

 Jim Bob and Josh Duggar

Unfortunately for this prideful patriarch, there was a defect in his strategy.

You see, Duggar females are taught from a young age that procreation is their sole factor for being.

And so, they began the ” courting” procedure at an extremely young age.

 Duggar Sister Reunion

This implied that Jim Bob was required to permit outsiders into his extremely insular world.

And the really first guy to wed into the Duggar household instantly acknowledged that something was terribly wrong.

We’re talking, obviously, about Derick Dillard.

 Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Enjoy Autumnal Weather

Jill’s other half was the very first family member to openly question Jim Bob’s knowledge.

In reality, he went much even more than tossing shade at the huge guy.

At one point, Derick recommended that Jim Bob had actually taken millions from his kids by filching their TLC revenues.

 Jill Duggar and Derick: A Photo

Not long after that, Jill cut ties with her moms and dads, and she’s stayed separated since.

For numerous fans of the household who fasted to dismiss all criticism versus the Duggars, this was a watershed minute.

Derick recorded the fight on social networks, exposing that Jim Bob went nuclear by trying to reject Jill access to her brother or sisters.

 The Dillards in 2021

““ Because our visitation to the Duggar home has actually been limited which is where they and their partners hang out, we have actually not had the ability to see other household as much as we would like, so that is hard,” Dillard tweeted at one point.

““ I believe [Jim Bob’s] primarily fretted about the impact we may have on his kids.””


It was around this time that Jill started consuming alcohol , using denims, and usually neglecting the more unreasonable guidelines with which she was raised.

 Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Celebrate

The modification in among the most precious Duggar children– Jill was so popular that the household’s 2nd spin-off series was initially entitled Jill &&Jessa: Counting On– triggered numerous to re-examine the country’s most well-known evangelicals.

After years of reports of internal stress, now there was a genuine Duggar rift– and one side enjoyed to share their story with anybody who would listen.

When Josh Duggar was apprehended on kid porn charges in April of this year, numerous fans voiced suspicions that the cops had actually been tipped off by Derick.

 Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot

That didn’t end up being the case, however as Jim Bob and Michelle slowly effort to restore their public image, you can be sure that Jill and Derick will make that far more challenging for them.

Even prior to Jana Duggar’s arrest on kid endangerment charges ended up being public news, previous fans started to presume that Josh wasn’t simply a singular bad apple who had actually discovered his method into an otherwise wholesome lot.

Rather his perversity was viewed as partly an item of the cultish environment in which he was raised.

 Josh D

Josh’s illness was viewed as endemic to the Duggars’ neighborhood, the very same neighborhood that had actually assisted him conceal his earlier sex criminal activities in order to prevent an arrest and public scandal.

And it was Jill and Derick who attempted to notify the world of the scaries that were happening behind closed doors.

So no, the Dillards weren’t the ones who reduced the Duggar empire– Josh and Jim Bob did that by themselves.

But ideally, Jill and Derick’s ongoing criticism will avoid these beasts from ever reconstructing.


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