List Of Silly Ways Pets Wake Up Their Owners, ICanHas Users Edition

Pets are understood for having an extremely rigorous regimen, one which revolves nearly completely around food! When it’s time to consume they will stop at absolutely nothing to accomplish their objectives and get fed. In some cases feeding time can fall upon an odd hour regardless of efforts at stiff regular- it can be extremely early, extremely late, whenever your family pet’s stomach chooses it’s time, it’s time.

We asked our users – how do your family pets adoringly (and often aggravatingly) wake you up? Do they sob at your door- hop up in to bed and snuggle the heck out of you till you have no option however to succumb to their every need?? Every animal is distinct which’s what makes each so extremely unique! We asked and our users provided, delight in scrolling through this humorous list of special methods which animals get up their owners!


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