Llama-Alpaca Mix ‘Hired’ By Office To Bring Joy To Workers: Everyone Falls In Love (video)

A video production studio in Wuxi, China has ’employed’ a huarizo, a cross between a male llama and female alpaca, to bring joy to his ‘colleagues’. The company has been making videos about Tuo Baiwan’s daily life, and the clips have earned the animal fame on Chinese social media. We must admit, we love this idea and think it is high time that our office hires an office animal to bring joy to us!

Not that we need it, we get plenty of joy just by bringing you fresh animal content every day, but hey it wouldn’t hurt! This awwdorable video shows just how much of an impact animals can have on our happiness and overall wellbeing. Keep ’em coming, we say! More animals, more wholesome goodness, and good vibes. 


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