LymeX Education & Awareness Winning Solutions Webinar

HHS is hosting a LymeX Education &Awareness Winning Solutions Webinar on August 12, 2021. This webinar becomes part of the LymeX Innovation Accelerator (LymeX), a public-private collaboration in between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Steven &Alexandra Cohen Foundation. This webinar will liquidate the general public LymeX Education &Awareness Healthathon Challenge to produce academic products (social networks material, academic or training graphics, posters, or videos) to assist raise awareness about how to acknowledge the symptoms and signs of Lyme illness, how to avoid tick bites, how to acknowledge a tick, what to do after a bite, or when to look for treatment. Those in the Lyme neighborhood, teachers, innovators, and health professionals who can much better inform others through their own experiences associating with this illness are motivated to participate in.

DISCLAIMER: Readers must rule out this webinar or any part of it to be assistance or guideline relating to the medical diagnosis, care, or treatment of tick-borne illness or to supersede in any method existing assistance.

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