MAGA Congressman Falsely Claims Omicron Variant Is Part of Plot to Rig 2022 Election

The brand-new coronavirus version, Omicron—– which was very first identified by virologists in South Africa —– has actually stimulated issues amongst public health professionals. The United States rapidly enforced travel limitations on specific African nations. Researchers state that much about the brand-new alternative stays unidentified . It’s obviously not too quickly for members of the United States Congress to start spouting absurd conspiracy theories about it.

In a tweet Saturday, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), who acted as White House doctor for Barack Obama and Donald Trump prior to running for workplace on a hard-MAGA platform, called the brand-new pressure “the Midterm Election Variant.”

Here comes the MEV – – the Midterm Election Variant! They NEED a factor to press unsolicited across the country mail-in tallies. Democrats will do anything to CHEAT throughout an election – – however we'' re not going to let them!

—– Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJacksonTX) November 27, 2021

According to this most current crackpot theory, Democrats are going to utilize Omicron to “press” mail-in tallies throughout the midterm elections, which will allegedly make it possible for huge total up to unfaithful.

There’s a lot to unload here. When does Jackson believe the midterm elections are? How could the Democrats be utilizing a brand-new alternative found in November 2021 to affect elections that are a complete year away? Are the South African physicians who reported it to the World Health Organization likewise part of Democrats’ strategy to take the elections? What about the other nations Omicron has been spotted in? What function do they play?

Jackson’s tweet handles to strike on 2 conspiracy theories popular amongst far ideal: that the pandemic is in some way being controlled by Democrats for political gain, which the 2020 governmental election was taken. It ought to go without stating that both of these theories are incorrect. As we approach the two-year mark in the pandemic, much of the world stays unvaccinated and persistence is using thin. Oblivious tweets like Jackson’s will just sustain more conspiracy theories about the infection and threaten more lives.


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