‘My biggest fears unlocked’: Viral TikTok shows what happens ‘when the looping slide fails’ on Norwegian Cruise Line

Looping water slide with a woman inside (L,R) Norwegian Cruise Line logo (M)

A viral TikTok shows a woman going down a looping waterslide on a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel and subsequently falling back down the tube before completing the loop.

The video was posted by YMG_Travels (@ymg_travels) and has received over 11 million views in two days. The TikTok starts with a woman going down what appears to be the Ocean Loops waterslide on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. The launch starts off smooth, but the rider quickly encounters difficulty as she approaches the slide’s loop.

“When the looping slide fails,” the TikToker writes in the text overlay of the video.

@ymg_travels #loopingslide #norwegianencore #norwegiancruise #waterslides #cruceros #CorollaCrossStep #MaiselChallenge #fyp #paratupagina ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The woman slows as she ascends the loop and quickly falls back down. She is then seen sitting up and scooting back toward where she launched from. In a comment under the video, YMG_Travels says that there is a side door in the slide that allows staff to take riders out of the tube quickly.

Norwegian Cruise Line appears to have several ships with the Ocean Loops slide, but the TikToker’s caption suggests this incident occurred on the Norwegian Encore ship. Under the video, viewers comment their fears and anxieties about getting stuck like the woman.

“Omg my biggest fears unlocked,” one person says.

“My heart rate accelerated watching this. Stuck in a clear tube suspended over the ocean… NOPE!!!” another states.

“Holy hell. I ran to the comments to make sure I wasn’t the only one having an anxiety attack watching this and couldn’t breathe,” a viewer writes.

One person claims to have had a similar experience going down the Ocean Loops waterslide.

“This was me! I got stuck on this slide and started screaming NO! I was very lucky I stopped in the blue part where you couldn’t see over the ocean,” they say.

The TikToker posted a second video showing another person going down the slide—successfully this time.

The Daily Dot reached out to YMG_Travels and Norwegian Cruise Line via emails but did not immediately hear back.

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