My Experience With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

My experience with Generalised anxiety disorder has caused me to miss a lot of things in my life, like family gatherings, social events and holidays abroad with my friends.

It’s caused me a tremendous amount of pain, worry, sickness, headaches just to name a few things it’s caused me.

I was first diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder when I was around 14 years old and for many years I kept it a secret because I was worried other people would judge me or make fun of me, say things like ‘oh you’re just being dramatic’ Charlie’

I’m now 27 years old so I’ve lived with an anxiety disorder for over 13 years now and over the years I’ve had many ups and down.

When I look back on my life generalised anxiety disorder has taken so many possible happy memories from me, so many moments of laughter, happiness and joy.

Instead when I look back on my life generalised anxiety disorder has caused me to be a nervous wreck to the point where I’m vomiting over a toilet, countless hours of lying in bed not being able to sleep just going over my what if thoughts, what if something bad happens to me tomorrow at school, what if everyone makes fun of me, what if I embarrass myself in front of everyone?

Living with generalized anxiety disorder is like having a nightmare nearly every single day that’s filled with negativity, constant worrying about anything and everything, chest pains that make you feel like you’re having a heart attack, feeling so physically sick to the bottom of your stomach that you actually throw up, avoiding situations, people or things because you’re worried about what could happen to you it’s basically a never ending nightmare.

When people hear the term or word anxiety they automatically think of someone who is just shy or someone who just feels nervous but that’s actually a slap in the face to people who struggle with anxiety or an anxiety disorder on a daily basis because it’s nothing like that and there’s so much more too it!

I have countless stories where my anxiety has caused me to miss things or stop me from pursing things I’ve wanted to do in my life or go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.

Over the years I have tried so many different things to help me with my anxiety, a wide range of different medications, hypnotherapy, counselling, self-medicating but something that has really helped me more than all of those others things was therapy.

I could talk to someone about how I was feeling without feelings judged or embarrassed, I could explain what I was thinking about in different situations and explain the physical symptoms I was experiencing, therapy helped me understand the negative thinking pattern anxiety causes me and how I can rewire my thinking process when I have anxiety.

If you’re watching this video and you’re struggling with generalized anxiety disorder I want you to know that you’re not alone in this world, you’re not crazy, you’re not unworthy, you’re not someone who is just being dramatic and you’re someone who just needs support and help.

I understand the types of thoughts you have on a daily basis, the physical symptoms you experience and the many things you’ve probably sacrificed in your life because of your anxiety, not only do I understand but millions of people around the world understand you too!

That’s my experience with generalized anxiety disorder, if you’ve been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder or struggle with your anxiety I want to hear your story in the comments section down let’s show others in this community and others around the world that they are not alone going through this.

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