My Plants Survived the August Heat Wave Vegetable Garden Tour

John from has unique visitor Wendi Phan of youtube channel wendiland visit his garden and he offers you a trip of his August garden after the heatwave so you can see if anything flourished or endured in the 100+ degree weather condition in July and August in the Southwest desert.

In this episode, John will offer you a complete trip of his summer season garden and all the edible veggies, fruits, and flowers he is growing through the summertime in the desert. You will discover more about the veggies that can quickly endure the heatwave in summertimes of 100+ degrees. You will find out John’s ideas so you can make your plants resistant to 105+ degree weather condition by discovering his pointers.

Along the method, you will find out lots of other useful gardening pointers and techniques. You will likewise find why John plants his plants so close, and how he has the ability to keep the majority of his plants alive throughout the everyday heat wave that takes place in his garden. When taken care of, you will find out about the particular heat-tolerant veggies that John plants and some particular cultivars you might desire to plant that can quickly manage the heat. You will discover what black goji berries fresh and dried taste like along with Kadota figs that were grown in the desert.

After viewing this episode, you will be more acquainted with a few of the effective and heat-tolerant practices you require to do if you wish to grow in weather condition that goes beyond 100 degrees daily.

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