Napping With Dogs: Silly Instances Of Humans And Dogs Catching Zs Together

Napping is amazing. We are pretty sure that everyone here can agree with us on that. There just is nothing quite like having a long, exhausting day, getting home and curling up with a fluffy four legged canine friend. Next thing you know you wake up with dog slobber on your chest and a snoring doggo is taking up the whole bed. 

The variations of rest styles are vast. Some users prefer a classic doggo nap, themselves and their doggos in the bed with some blankets and that’s all. Others lean more towards the hammock nap vibe, in an attempt to be outside and appreciate that nature as much as possible, even during nap time! Some users prefer a little space when napping with their doggos, some can’t leave their dogs with out cuddles for even a second!


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Written by mettablog

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