Non-Cat-Owning Twitter Users Share Their Most Ridiculously Funny ‘That’s Not My Cat’ Moments

Have you ever awakened, gone to the restroom, and laid eyes on a feline that is certainly and most definitely not your feline? Well, this Twitter user can state that yes, yes she has. This scenario asks the concern, has this took place to anybody else? Any other comical circumstances of felines visiting their next-door neighbors and establishing camp?

After doing some research study and more establishing our theory that felines are privately wicked geniuses, we found that this really takes place frequently. Twitter users all over chimed in to share their own funny circumstances of discovering felines in their houses that were absolutely not THEIR felines! Sometimes, as a feline, you discover the next-door neighbor’s home and simply require a snuggle friend, a brand-new source of scrumptious drinking water, or simply a good modification of surroundings. What’s a feline to do?


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