‘People just don’t understand our job’: UPS driver shows just how many boxes he has to deliver during his morning shift in viral TikTok

 A complete delivery van (L), a messenger (C), and an empty delivery van (R).

A UPS motorist closed down critics who question why UPS motorists make a lot cash with a viral TikTok revealing simply the number of boxes he provides.

Aiden (@aiden_m365) is a UPS motorist and TikTok material developer with 3.2 million fans. He frequently posts videos of TikTok patterns and his daily life. His TikTok video showing the variety of bundles he provides in simply one shift went viral, with 1.9 million views and 180,500 likes in 2 days.


Text overlay on Aiden’s video checks out, “Idk why they earn money a lot. All they do is provide plans. Can’t be that difficult.”

Captioned “But I like it,” the 12-second video reveals his truck totally filled with boxes at the start of his shift at 8:45 am and after that absolutely empty by 2:45 pm.

According to Comparably , UPS motorist incomes vary from $ 18,860 to $134,000 annually with an average earnings of $68,369. UPS chauffeurs supposedly make approximately 120 shipment each day, with shipments doubling around Christmas season.

In a follow-up video, Aiden keeps in mind that is simply the early morning shift.


” Those are simply my shipments. I still have 17 pickups I need to do,” Aiden states.

Many of the 2,240 remarks praise how tough UPS motorists work and concur that they make their income.

” You are busting your ass hustling to get that numerous provided so rapidly!!,” @kmccleish stated.

” And you STILL refrained from doing. Didn’t even reveal them that you essentially refill it in 3 hours getting prior to you return,” @kevinford8 commented.

” People simply do not comprehend our task … it is really physical,” @amandaleigh1993 composed.

” Worked for UPS for a couple of years and it’s no joke,” @stayforthenightifyoulike stated.

The Daily Dot connected to @aiden_m365 and UPS for remark.

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