Pets Sitting Places They Shouldn’t: An Awwdorable Collection Of Funny Photos

There comes a time in the life of every pet when… they sit somewhere they definitely shouldn’t.  It can be pretty heckin’ shocking to spot a cat inside a school where it doesn’t belong, or a dog on the roof of a tall building, just chilling out. If it were us, we’d be histerically happy to see pets wherever we went, even if it was a space that’s traditionally strictly off limits to our wonderful furry friends.

If you enjoy seeing funny cats or animals working heckin’ hard, then you’ll definitely enjoy this compilation of ridiculously cute pets being caught sitting in places where they really shouldn’t be. When it comes to trespassing, just remember the advice which any pet criminal would give you, ‘practice makes pawwfect’.  


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Written by mettablog

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