Phenomenal Photos Of Cats In Dollhouses

Here’s something you probably don’t hear about every day: people are photographing their cats inside of their dollhouses, and the results are pretty heckin’ hilarious. Our pawsomely loyal readers might remember the woman who photographed her toad living in a dollhouse last year, and this is somewhat similar, except the scale of the cats in comparison to the furniture and rooms of the dollhouses is completely different.

The joy we feel when we peruse these pawfect images sort of reminds us of the joy we feel at seeing enormous Maine Coon cats towering over their owners, or other gentle but super giant doggos, which we all know can be pretty plentiful, depending on where you live. In any event, we hope you enjoy these chonky cats lounging around in comically miniature houses, and if you have any similar photos be sure to share them below in the comments section, we’d love to see!


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