Pizza people: how do you encourage guests to eat hot pies without sounding like a tool?

Morning all!

Q for the pizza people: how do you encourage guests to eat hot pizza without sounding like tool?

Reason for the question. There have been several instances when making pizza for guests that the guests have been reluctant to dig into the hot, fresh delicious pizza that we’ve spent the past several days thinking about and them making for THEM (OK, and us). This despite us explaining to people, "Please dig in! The pizza is best when it’s right out of the oven. Our pizza oven can only make one pie at a time. I’ve got more pizza to make so that everyone (eventually) gets food. Please don’t wait for everything to be done or the pizza won’t be as good."

I’ve been repeatedly unsuccessful (so far at least) conveying to people, "I’ve been thinking about this spectacular food for years. I’ve been reading/watching, practicing/learning, adjusting process/ingredients/tools in order to come up with something I think is amazing and I want to share it with you. I want you to enjoy something special. For this specific meal, I’ve been thinking about it and planning it for days. I understand and accept that in order to provide this food to you, I am going to be missing out on some of the conversation that’s taking place while I run around making each pie. I’m OK with that cost of time away from my guests because I want to provide something special to you. What I hope is that you take the opportunity to enjoy this meal at it’s peak of flavor, texture, and smell by starting to enjoy it while it is within a minute of being out of the oven."

Most recently, had some family/friends over for pizza. Told guests to please dig in…I’m going to be in an out of the house cooking pies. Reiterated that they should eat what comes out when it comes out because it’s going to be a while before everything is cooked.

What happened? Everyone was standing around waiting while the pizza was getting cold. While I was bringing in the third pie and seeing some guests still standing around and the pizza not being eaten, I MAY have reacted a bit. :icon_blush:

I would appreciate suggestions for helping to either communicate effectively to people that they really should eat once the pies come out of the over OR to help me get over myself so I don’t act like a jerk with my guests.

Pron from the most recent experience:


White pizza (smoked garlic oil, ricotta, and fresh mozzarella)


White pizza:

Mushroom and pepperoni:

Thanks in advance!


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