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Posted by Luke Jefferson, Product Manager at Google Play &Raz Lev, Product Manager at Google Play Trust and Safety

Over the previous couple of years, Google Play has actually seen incredible development. Android apps and video games have actually ended up being an important part of individuals’’ s lives, constructed by designers of all sizes from all over the world, whether expertly or simply for enjoyable.

To keep Google Play protected and safe and to much better serve our designer neighborhood, we are presenting 2 brand-new security procedures: extra recognition requirements and 2-Step Verification. These steps will assist enhance your account security and will assist us much better comprehend your requirements.

Designer recognition requirements

Today, when you produce a brand-new Google Play designer account, we ask you for an e-mail address and a telephone number.

With this upgrade, account owners of designer accounts will likewise be asked to supply:

Your account type —– whether it’’ s individual or comes from a company A contact name Your physical address Confirmation of your e-mail address and telephone number

Your contact details permits us to share crucial info and updates about your app. It likewise assists us ensure that every account is developed by a genuine individual with genuine contact information, which assists us keep the Play Store safe for all users.

This info will not be public-facing and is simply to assist us validate your identity and interact.

2-Step Verification

In addition to finding out more about our designer neighborhood, we’’ re likewise taking actions to enhance security and keep your accounts more secure by mandating that users of Google Play Console check in utilizing Google’’ s 2-Step Verification. 2-Step Verification is an extra protect to assist safeguard your account, your app, and your users.

Learn more about 2-Step Verification and how to set it up for your own account

 Play ID requirments and 2 action confirmation image Timelines

Starting today, designer account owners will have the ability to state their account type and confirm their contact information. In the meantime, stating an account type is optional, however it will be needed for any account owners who wish to upgrade their contact information.

In August, all brand-new designer accounts will require to define their account type and validate their contact details at sign-up. We will likewise make 2-Step Verification a requirement for the owners of brand-new designer accounts.

Later this year, all existing designer account owners will be needed to state their account type, offer the needed info, and validate their contact information. We will likewise need designers to check in utilizing 2-Step Verification.

Finest practices

In addition to these modifications, we’’d like to advise you of some finest practices to assist keep your account in great health and make certain you put on’’ t miss out on crucial details.

Keep your contact info active and as much as date. We might sometimes examine if your account is active by calling the account or emailing owner utilizing the information offered, so it is essential that they are precise.Think about utilizing a contact e-mail address various to the one that you utilize to produce your Google account, specifically if your designer account will have numerous users or is for a company or company. You may wish to think about establishing a devoted shared inbox for this function, so that the right set of individuals within your group or company can access these essential messages. If you have one, we motivate you to utilize an e-mail address from your own domain.The contact e-mail address for a company or company account ought to not be a individual or generic e-mail address. Ensure to utilize an e-mail address connected with your company.

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