Pretty Wild Parrot Visits Woman Every Day (Video)

When they first met, this hooman and her wild parrot friend weren’t quite sure what to make of one another, sort of similar to the early beginnings of the dog and parrot friendship that we covered before.  However this hooman and this completely wild parrot found a way together to make friendship blossom, and to build an incredible bond that we find truly amazing. If there’s anything we can learn from this incredible video, it’s that parrots are actually really smart and even a wild parrot is capable of forging bonds with humans and even developing their own tools for survival the way humans do. 

As you check out this heartwarming video, remember that not all wild birds share this parrot’s desire to bond with a hooman, so proceed with caution if you’re looking to make a bird friend of your own. Crows and parrots are notorious for loving humans, but other birds, not so much. In any event, we hope you love this video! Here are I Can Has Cheezburger there’s nothing we love more than a wholesome friendship, especially when it’s this cute!


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