Purrfect Cat Bed Design With Internal Labyrinth

This is freakin’ amazing and for sure any cat’s dream bed! The designers behind this super pawsome design, Catlife, has come up with the absolute purrfect cat bed and we’re obsessed! 

Catlife was first created in 2013, with the sole purrpose of “creating adequate spaces that meet the innate needs of felines.” So, we love them already. The bed frame has an opening hole which leads to an internal labyrinth, right underneath you. That way, you have your space, and your cats have theirs! Plus, it’s really cool looking. 

The bed costs around $2,120,000 – $2,650,000, mattress not included, but can you really put a price tag of feline luxury? 

Follow Catlife on Instagram for even more feline designs that are absolute purrfection! 


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Written by mettablog

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