Real Housewives: Andy Cohen Reveals The First International Franchise

Andy Cohen did not dissatisfy Real Housewives fans when he revealed that there would be an 11th city contributed to the lineup, The Real Housewives of Dubai. Fans have actually been hypothesizing for weeks that there was a statement coming, and they were not incorrect. Now, audiences are rushing to see who might star in the golden sands spin-off.

The latest addition will be precisely like its stateside equivalents, as the series will follow around a group of rich females as they attempt to find out their group vibrant and relationships. The ladies’s professions will be showcased in the series, along with the Real Housewives’ high-end way of lives . Bravo has actually done remarkably well with the franchises, and these programs are the network’s support. Fans are beyond delighted that another brand-new addition is on the method.

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Bravo is not scared to press the limitations. After revealing at the 2019 BravoCon that The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City would be the tenth edition, the network might have another hit in the pipeline. Bravo is growing the Real Housewives even more with its very first global area. Andy Cohen revealed the news Monday while on the Today Show , stating, “Everything’s larger in Dubai.” Andy shared that he was more than thrilled to expose the news because he has actually been amazed by the city for many years. Take a look at Bravo ‘s preview listed below:

This is not a mirage, as the executive manufacturer Andy likewise shared that the program would release in 2022. The females are stated to be an impressive group of buddies, however Bravo has yet to expose the cast. Some think that Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury will be leading the pack, however she has yet to validate. The United Arab Emirates is understood for its over the top riches and flocks of ex-pats, consisting of British and american people. Bravo’s news release guaranteed fans a take a look at the “excessive luxury, jaw-dropping modern-day architecture, and wild night life scene,” according to Variety .

Thanks to other networks who have actually aired Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, and Cheshire reveals, the Real Housewives franchise has actually currently been abroad . Practically all the series have actually succeeded and got their own followings within their nations. This will be a possibility for the network to release its own foreign city variation. Bravo audiences are now counting down the days to the New Year and the brand-new series. There is no doubt that there will be significant drama and fans will be here for it. Ideally, The Real Housewives of Dubai will do simply as well as the other Bravo cities, or they will run the risk of being cut.

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Sources: Today Show , Variety


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