Ridiculous Insurance Company Cancelled Couple’s Policy Because Of Their Pitbull (Video)

Today we’re here to unmask some unfavorable misconceptions about the extremely adorable Pittbull type! Whether you enjoy them, fear them a little, or are on the fence about them, pit bull terriers are incredibly popular! You will discover them in practically every American neighborhood. And while these awdorable pet dogs are getting appeal, many individuals still purchase into the lots of misconceptions and hysteria that surround them.

It is a MYTH that Pit Bulls are more aggressive than other canines! Somebody pass this message along to the highlighted couple’s insurance provider.

The reality: ” The American Temperament Test Society, which supplies a consistent nationwide program of character screening for canines, has actually discovered that pit-bull-terrier-like pet dogs passed the test at a greater rate than lots of other pet types, such as golden retrievers and border collies. Some individuals believe these pet dogs are in some way physiologically and genetically various from other pet dogs, however they aren’t.”

” A Phoenix couple had their property owner’s insurance coverage canceled after that business discovered they ‘d embraced a pit bull. According to the cancellation notification, their insurer described the pet as a disqualified type. ‘She’s never ever nipped at any of our next-door neighbors. My spouse takes her for strolls every early morning,’ Linda Wiggs informed KPHO.” Via Inside Edition.


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