Rogue Lords review: a compelling roguelike where cheaters prosper – for a while

Fighting versus Satan need to be unpleasant. You believe you’’ ve got among his minions cornered and after that bam, down (up?) comes the hand of wicked incarnate. Schwoop, Evil states, as he waves away the majority of your priest’’ s health bar. Pffft, he scoffs, as he snaps a guard from your fugitive hunter to his succubus. Pop, he mouths, as he charges Bloody Mary’’ s stabbing ability and sends her in for the kill. If this sounds unjust, that’’ s due to the fact that it is- though thankfully, you’’ re not really that side of the pentagram. Rogue Lords is a roguelike where the guidelines and UI components are old Nick’’ s toys, and you’’ re the fortunate devil in charge of all his toys.

Of course, that doesn’’ t end up mattering almost as much as you believe it might.

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