Ruffolicious Collection Of Funny And Pawdorable Dog Tweets

Do you ever simply … sit at work, miss your pet and believe to yourself that you would do almost anything to get to be with it today? Well … we can’t offer you precisely what you’re after, regrettably! We can provide you the closest thing – a dosage of pet in the kind of some wholesome and funny pet dog tweets that we ensure will make your day a little bit more pawfect.

Because we like doggos in every kind – whether it’s pet dog tweets, wholesome canine tumblr posts , amusing doggo meme collections , we like all of it. And if we can’t get our real doggos to snuggle us in the workplace, the 2nd finest thing to that would be scrolling through some doggo goodness and keeping back laughs from your manager.


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Written by mettablog

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