Sage Steele Is Steele Out Here Being Loud And Dumb As She Calls ESPN’s Vaccine Mandate ‘Sick’ And ‘Scary’

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Another day, another anti-vaxxer who hasn’t gotten it through her thick-and-light-skint’ skull that her right not to secure herself from an unsafe infection does not supersede a company’ right to secure its employees by needing that all personnel get immunized.

ESPN analyst Sage Steele —– who everybody keeps informing me is not called after an AXE body spray scent, however I’m quite sure they’re incorrect—– just recently chosen to take her tapioca tears to the ““ Uncut with Jay Cutler” ” podcast where she grumbled about being made to get immunized by her Disney-owned network in order to keep her task as the Candace Owens of sports reporters. (Move over, Jason Whitlock .)

““ I work for a business that mandates it and I had up until September 30th to get it done or I’’ m out, ” the banana pudding of sunken location negroes stated, according to USA Today . ““ I appreciate everybody’’ s choice, I truly do, however to mandate it is ill and it’’ s frightening to me in numerous methods. I simply, I’’ m not shocked it got to this point, specifically with Disney, I indicate an international business like that.””


Imagine being an individual who when informed ESPN sports reporters to “adhere to sports” instead of cover social and political justice-related stories, and after that going on to expose your understanding of how public health works by calling a thing “ill” that safeguards individuals from getting ill.

Nah sis’, possibly you ought to simply adhere to sports.

It isn’t extremely unexpected that Steele would feel strained by needing to get a shot that will assist slow COVID-19 spread and safeguard the public from a continuous worldwide pandemic. This is, after all, the very same female who grumbled about Muslim individuals opposing on behalf of their very humankind due to the fact that it troubled her capability to capture a flight on time.

Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine for lack of knowledge and selfishness—– not that she ‘d take that vaccine unless it was a task requirement.

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