Selma Blair Says She’s in Remission From Multiple Sclerosis After Stem Cell Transplant

Selma Blair has announced she is in remission from multiple sclerosis after undergoing a stem cell transplant.

This amazing news comes after receiving her devastating diagnosis back in August 2018. The actress has since shared that she’s learned a lot about “patience and understanding” following her 2-year treatment.

The Associated Press reported that Blair spoke out about her recovery at the Television Critics Association panel, saying: “My prognosis is great. I’m in remission.”

Blair’s experimental treatment involved hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation, using unspecified cells found in bone marrow, peripheral blood, or umbilical cord blood. The star has since revealed that her treatment is ongoing.

“It took about a year after stem cell for the inflammation and lesions to really go down, so I was reluctant to talk about it because I felt this need to be more healed,” she admitted. “I don’t have any new lesions forming.”

However, Blair has shared that she changed “cognitively” during the treatment, which has been the most difficult part of her experience so far.

The star will open up more about her trials and tribulations in her upcoming documentary Introducing, Selma Blair, in which she will go into detail about her recovery from M.S. and share her battle with fans. The show is expected to hit theaters on October 15th and stream on Discovery+ on October 21st.

“I really do feel now, with this pandemic, we’ve all got a kind of diagnosis that’s incurable. It’s called living right now,” Blair continued. “Everyone has really realized our mortality. It taught me a lot more patience and understanding.”

And people are sharing their thoughts on her recovery…

One Facebook user wrote: “It’s so sad that this treatment isn’t readily available for everyone. I watched someone very close to me deteriorate over the course of fifteen years until she passed away last year. I’m happy Selma got the treatment and is recovering because at least it’s saving lives, but the fact that this treatment is so expensive is just heartbreaking.”

While another commented: “Wow that is amazing I have never heard of a positive case that the stem cell trial actually got as far as successfully putting someone in remission, that is amazing!”

However, a third wrote how it needed to be addressed that not everyone suffering from this condition can afford this treatment: “I’ve had MS since 2003, been paralyzed 4x on my right side. And going through some pretty bad issues right now. I wish I had the money to try stem cell treatment. I struggle to pay for just the normal medications.”

Blair has opened up about her diagnosis before, while also sharing support for fellow actress Christina Applegate. “I was so scared in life, so to suddenly start to find an identity and a safety in me, and figure out boundaries and time management and energy, I’m having the time of my life,” Blair said.

She added, “I never really liked life, I do now. Strange, huh?”

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