Series Of Jerk Animals With No Regard For Human Rules Whatsoever

This series of animal jerks has NO regard for the rules of the human world whatsoever. They march to the beat of their own drums and that’s just that. No room for argument! It’s no secret that even our favorite animals tend to have a less sweet side. It’s part of what makes them the unique goof balls that they are. We get it, not everyone can be in a good mood all the time. Animals are truly the most awwdorable jerks that we cannot help but love.  

Gear yourself up for some wild animal shenanigans, these jerks mean serious business. They came to get into trouble, and get into trouble they will. Despite their jerkiness, we can not help but find amusement in the silliness that is animals being jerks. Pets can be total a-holes. We love and adore them nonetheless, let’s check out some silly jerk moments!


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Written by mettablog

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