Shoppers Are Obsessed With This 9 Calorie Pasta You Can Buy on Amazon

Shoppers are loving a 9 calorie pasta that’s being sold on Amazon for only $17.99, and let’s be honest…who wouldn’t?

People are absolutely loving this low carb, healthy, 9 calorie pasta with all the goodness and low on carbs.

It’s Skinny’s unique pasta is a pre-cooked delicious dish for those not wanting to fill up on carbs and TikTokers are raving about its easy 3 step process.

​The 9-calorie pasta is made from Konjac noodles, an ancient plant native to Southeast Asia which are low-carb and high in fiber, how good does that sound?

You can currently chose between Angel Hair, Fettucine, Rice, and Spaghetti for only $17.99!

People all over TikTok are so excited to try the pasta! 


Sheeeeeesh only 9 calories!! #bussin #sheesh #tiktok

“Where can you buy that? that is so cool,” one person on TikTok said, while others on Amazon praised the pasta brand giving it an overall rating of 3.4-stars.

​”Really like this pasta. It adds to any dish you are cooking. Just add it in at the end and it’s like you made a delicious pasta dinner! This pasta takes on the flavor of whatever you make. Worth buying over and over again!” one person wrote in the review section.


*runs to buy more* 😂 @allinfitllc #bussin #tiktok #sheesh

“This is the product I’ve been waiting for! Love it. Delicious and a great wheat or high carb replacement,” another raved.

We think this is definitely the thing for you if you’re wanting to cut down on those carbs and calories!


We eating good, this pasta bussin bussin 🤤 #amazon #bussin #tiktok #sheesh

So here’s the link to your new favourite pasta!

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