Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Doesn’t Want His Father To Have More Kids

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown recently shared his thoughts about his large family and said he does not want his dad Kody Brown to have more children. Paedon and his 17 siblings feature on their family’s TLC reality television series. Paedon and his siblings are all offsprings of their father, Kody, who is married to four women with whom he shares his large brood. Kody divorced his first wife, Meri, in 2014 to marry Robyn, his fourth wife. He remained spiritually married to his first wife, Meri, Janelle, his second, and his third wife, Christine. However, Christine, 49, is no longer Kody’s wife as of 2021, as the two announced their split in November.

Kody and Meri share a daughter Mariah. He and Janelle gave birth to Logan, 27, Madison, 26, Hunter, 25, Robert, 23, Gabriel, 21, and Savanah, 17. Paedon’s mom Christine, 49, has daughters Aspyn, 26, Mykelti, 25, Gwendlyn, 20, Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11. And Robyn, who became a member of the family in 2010, shares son Solomon, 10, and daughter Ariella, 5, with Kody. After becoming Kody’s wife by law, the Wyoming native adopted her three children from a previous marriage, Dayton, 22, Aurora, 19, and Breanna, 16.

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Despite being a large family with different ups and downs, fans have watched the Browns go through several ordeals with honesty and love. However, while being a child in the renowned polygamous family has its privileges, Paedon has had enough siblings. Speaking to Us Weekly on Thursday, he joked, “Dear God, I have enough siblings. Please, no! I want to make this clear. I don’t want more kids in the family. Nieces and nephews are fine. No more kids with any wives, please!”

Although the 23-year-old reality star may have lived with his plural family all his life, he revealed he has no intentions of following a similar lifestyle when he starts his own family. Paedon also added that his parents have never tried forcing polygamy on him or his siblings but have been very supportive of their decisions. He noted, “They have been supportive in just about everything we’ve done. Mariah coming out, they were very supportive. Me joining the army, they were very supportive. … To the best of my memory, I have never been pushed toward [polygamy] — toward anything.”

Being part of the Sister Wives brood clearly comes with different experiences, and no one could know how it feels better than Paedon. However, despite his desire not to have any more siblings, he cannot force his wishes on his father. Kody is free to have as many children as he wants as long as his wives consent to it and he can take care of them. Paedon also confirmed that he does not want to have a polygamous family, and it is good that his parents have accepted his decision and those of his siblings. It isn’t clear if Kody wants more children at this time. However, with Paedon voicing his opinion on the matter, one only wonders if the famous polygamist will decide to stop making babies.

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Source: Us Weekly

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