Squad Of Giant Pandas Enjoy A Mid Festival Mooncake Feast With All Their Friends (Video)

We enjoy ourselves a celebratory banquet, particularly when we’re commemorating something as remarkable as the moon! The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was presented to Japan 1,000 years back and spread out throughout the nation. The primary custom-mades for the Japanese are using sacrifices to the moon and commemorating the harvest throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival. Enjoy this team commemorate the Mid-Autumn celebration with a scrumptious mooncake banquet!

The gifting and consuming of mooncakes is perhaps the most emblematic function of the celebration. The round shape of the mooncake is implied to stimulate a picture of the moon. The roundness of the moon, in turn, signifies wholeness. The roundness of the moon and mooncakes likewise add to these cute panda stubborn bellies, however we’re not grumbling.


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