St. Jerome Emiliani

 St. Jerome Emiliani  St. Jerome Emiliani

Jerome Emiliani (Gerolamo Emiliani) was born in Venice, Italy, in 1481. He ended up being a soldier and became made a leader of a fortress in Treviso. When this fortress was up to the Venetians, he was recorded and sent to prison. It was throughout this time invested in a dark, moist cell that Jerome had time to contemplate his life. He had actually never ever offered much idea to God and had actually constantly felt quite in charge of his own life. He understood, nevertheless, that removed of his army and weapons he was powerless. He called out to God in his weak point and God reacted. All of a sudden Jerome’s mind and heart were released. His life had actually altered. Jerome had the ability to leave the dungeon in which he was being cooped and went back to Venice where he was ordained a priest in 1518. He started looking after and ministering to lots of scarcity and afflict victims, and quickly concerned focus his attention on the lots of kids who had actually been orphaned by these upsurges. Utilizing his own cash to lease a home for the orphans, he started feeding, clothes and informing them. He assisted them discover their faith through the technique of concern and response. He later on established orphanages at Brescia, Bergamo, and Como, in addition to a medical facility at Verona and a house for repentant woman of the streets. In the year 1532, Jerome, together with 2 other priests, established a parish called the Clerks Regular of Somascha. Jerome’s continuous commitment to the ill and bad took its work on his health, and in 1537, while assisting others, he fell ill and passed away at the age of 56.


Jerome dedicated his life to assisting others, particularly kids, and for that reason is called the tutelary saint of abandoned kids and orphans.


Saint Jerome Emiliani, please pray that we are excellent guardians of our kids who are presents from God. Assist us to enjoy them and safeguard them from the evils of this present age and to nurture them in their faith as you did. Amen.

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