STEM Sistas: Spotify’s ‘Dope Labs’ Podcast Hosted By Dr. Titi Shodiya & Dr. Zakiya Whatley Returns For Fourth Season

Two dope ladies are back in the dope labs!

Spotify’s “Dope Labs” Podcast

Source: Spotify / Dope Labs

Dr. Titi Shodiya and Dr. Zakiya Whatley are back for season four of their Spotify podcast “Dope Labs” that serves up scientific principles with a healthy dose of tea by unpacking pop culture through the black lens. A press release notes that these two sistas in stem are dishing on everything from cuffing season to Cardi B while tackling what’s trending and “putting it under the microscope with the help of some very smart (and cool) scientific friends.”

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At Dope Labs, we believe “science is for errybody” and our mission is to bring out the inner scientist in YOU (especially communities typically left out of the science field, many of which are women and people of color)

“Dope Labs” is a product of Spotify’s Sound Up podcast accelerator program, educating and supporting women of color in the podcasting space, offering tools and resources to turn participants’ creative ideas into fully-developed podcasts. Through programs like Sound Up, Spotify provides curated listening experiences to connect users with culture in a visceral and personal way, while inspiring a new wave of cultural and socially-minded podcasts.

On episode one of season four, Titi and Zakiya chat with acclaimed authors Dr. Gale Sinatra and Dr. Barbara Hofer about their book “Science Denial: Why it Happens and What to Do About It,” exploring the psychological issues that keep folks from having a broad understanding of science as well as solutions to combat the spread of misinformation.

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This season, Dope Labs, the weekly series, will feature guests that delve into pertinent conversations around science denial, COVID-19 era anxiety, fintech and how technology can make shopping more accessible, representation and HBCUs, and more.


About Dr. Titi Shodiya, Executive Producer & Host

Spotify’s “Dope Labs” Podcast

Source: Spotify / Dope Labs

Titi obtained a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in electronic and photonic materials from The Pennsylvania State University in 2010. She received a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke in 2012 and recently obtained her PhD from Duke University in 2015 studying Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.

Currently, she works in the National Voluntary Lab Accreditation Program as a Program Manager for Calibration labs. She manages accreditation and accreditation activities for over 150 labs that cross disciplines all over the US and internationally. This requires a breadth of knowledge in science, engineering, international standards, cutting edge technology, science policy and governmental requirements. She is part of standards writing groups that develop scientific practices and protocols. She also coordinates proficiency testing for their calibration labs and work very closely with the labs on NISTs campus in their development and implementation.

About Dr. Zakiya Whatley, Executive Producer & Host

Spotify’s “Dope Labs” Podcast

Source: Spotify / Dope Labs

Zakiya believes in science education for all, formal or informal, across multiple platforms. Her efforts focus on broadening access to and persistence in STEM careers. Much of her work targets populations historically underrepresented in the sciences. She likens her work to building a ramp – if it’s there, everyone can use it, both those who need it and people who may have otherwise taken the stairs.

She is the Program Manager of the Biological Sciences Graduate Program in the College of Computer, Math, & Natural Sciences at the University of Maryland. Prior to joining Maryland, she was an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Gettysburg College, where she taught Cell Biology, Introductory Biology, and an advanced research seminar – The Molecular Basis of Biofilms. Her lab focused on sociomicrobiology, particularly factors involved in early stages of multi species biofilm formation & persistence.

She earned her PhD in Genetics & Genomics and Cellular & Molecular Biology at Duke University in the laboratory of Dr. Kenneth Kreuzer.

Spotify’s “Dope Labs” Podcast

Source: Spotify / Dope Labs


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