‘STFU and wait for the film!’: ‘Batgirl’ director responds to Leslie Grace costume backlash

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HBO Max simply launched its very first image of starlet Leslie Grace ( In the Heights ) as Batgirl, starring in the character’s very first live-action solo motion picture. In the grand custom of superhero adjustments, there’s currently some fandom debate.

The picture reveals Grace using a purple leather catsuit with a cowl, an energy belt, and a yellow-lined cape. It’s a brand-new take on a timeless Barbara Gordon outfit, with a more retro design than the gritty, tactical visual of current Batman motion pictures. There’s no rejecting that it’s extremely comparable to among Batgirl’s a lot of renowned appearances from the comics.


Inevitably however, this outfit encountered a set of overlapping issues: When you adjust a geek culture residential or commercial property with great deals of devoted fans, you can’t keep everybody pleased. And when you adjust a superhero outfit for live-action media, it’s actually difficult for it to “look right.”

So while much of the reactions were favorable, some Batgirl fans grumbled that the outfit looked low-cost, or too comparable to the vibrant outfits in DC’s CW reveals , which are viewed as less “major” than the motion pictures. Others compared it unfavorably to DIY cosplay attire, and to the 2002 Birds of Prey television series, whose Batgirl outfit was far more sexualized .


We typically see this sort of criticism around live-action superhero outfits due to the fact that individuals have a hard time to comprehend the trouble of moving a comics illustration to a genuine body using physical products like leather and plastic. Generally, it’s a difficult job. Live-action outfit designers need to go a various path , specifically for figure-hugging attire.

This unfavorable reaction is specifically typical with female characters, due to the overstated appeal requirements at play in superhero comics.

For circumstances, it’s quite typical to see a superheroine highlighted with private bra cups developed into her outfit, however when you attempt to recreate that in reality, it typically looks unsuitable or unreasonable. It just works for particular characters (for example a femme fatale like Emma Frost) or to set a tone in a motion picture (like the campiness of Batman &&Robin), and it would be viewed as sexist in a contemporary PG-13 action movie.

The Batgirl reaction was extreme enough that the movie’s co-director Adil El Arbi felt the requirement to react. Publishing on Instagram Stories, he struck back at the outfit’s critics with a Batman meme, stating, “STFU and wait on the movie!”


Maybe not the most PR-friendly reaction, however he has a point. It’s tough to understand what the outfit will appear like in the motion picture, simply from taking a look at one picture. And as numerous fans have actually explained, this might well be a scenario like Spider-Man, where Batgirl starts with a “newbie outfit” and gets an upgrade partway through the story.

Either method, this outfit sends out a deliberate message that Batgirl will have a various tone to Robert Pattinson ‘s dark-and-gritty brand-new Batman reboot . That’s not a bad thing—– it simply implies the 2 motion pictures might deal with somewhat various audiences.

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