Stray Tomcat Came For A Cup Of Tea And Stayed For A Loving Family

Once upon a time there was a stray, matted, disheveled and rather stinky, ginger tomcat that wandered his way into the yard of Imgur user Leleanor93. Poor Tomtom was in rough shape, and all he wanted was a cup of delicious hot tea. His new friends promptly abided by his request and placed the cup right in front of him.

Tomtom has needed a lot of love since then: his matted in collar removing, a full lion cut, treatment for ringworm, neutering, vaccinating, chipping and a diagnosis of diabetes insipidus likely due to a traumatic brain injury. After his medical recovery and stint in the foster system, his lovely caretakers who had so kindly provided him with a cup of tea were ready to jump on the adoption train and make Tomtom theirs. 


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Written by mettablog

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