Taste Testing 11 TikTok Foods (So You Don’t Have To!) | TikTok Compilation | Allrecipes

Round hot dogs! McDonald”;s donuts! New fall drinks from Starbucks! We”;re taste testing 11 TikTok foods, with 9 you should try and 2 so bad you”;ll be glad we tried them for you! Did you know Turkey Gravy Soda is a thing? Or that you can replace the tuna in your poke bowl with roasted watermelon? It”;s true! Plus, we can”;t resist trying TikTok trends like frozen Fruit Roll-Ups and the Snickle. Follow Allrecipes on TikTok for more fun just like this!

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0:00 Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato
0:58 Bread in a Can
1:32 McDonald’s Donuts
2:29 Round Hot Dogs
3:12 Snickles
3:38 Jones’ Turkey & Gravy Soda
4:08 Frozen Fruit Roll-Ups
4:54 Watermelon “Tuna”
5:53 Peanuts and Coke

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Taste Testing 11 TikTok Foods (So You Don”;t Have To!) | TikTok Compilation | Allrecipes

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