Ten Spiritual Lessons from St. Teresa of Avila

 10 Spiritual Lessons from St. Teresa of Avila  10 Spiritual Lessons from St. Teresa of Avila

There are just 2 weeks in the Liturgical Calendar that different 2 splendid, motivating, and the majority of adorable saints, who really enjoy us and desire us to like them: Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and St. Theresa of Avila.

Saint Therese Lisieux we commemorate on October 1st; Saint Teresa of Avila we commemorate October 15th. What do they share? Both are females, both remain in the class of the couple of females Doctors of the Church, both were excellent contemplatives, both were Carmelite nuns, however essential both were and are and will be for all eternity fantastic enthusiasts of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In this brief essay, we wish to commemorate Saint Teresa of Avila and emphasize 10 of her excellent contributions to the Catholic Church and to us as a design of holiness, that we are all contacted us to achieve. Keep in mind the words of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the context of the Sermon of the Mount: ““ Be holy as your divine Father is holy.””( Mt. 5:48)

Being holy, reaching sanctity of life, is not conditional, wishful thinking nor something that just a choose group is contacted us to, however all. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta challenges us with these stirring words: ““ Holiness is not the benefit of the couple of, however the task of all.” ” Now let us raise our look to Saint Teresa of Avila who will point us to Jesus, our Lord, God, Savior and Faithful Friend.

.1. Prayer.

One of the essential trademarks of the spiritual heights of Saint Teresa of Avila is the significance of prayer. Although she had a hard time for several years she teaches us this essential however fundamental spiritual fact—– Perseverance in prayer! Meditate upon her never-ceasing words of knowledge and remember: ““ We should have an identified decision to never ever quit prayer.””


Jesus taught us this very crucial fact in the Parable of the insistent Widow and the Judge. This widow, due to her solid and dogged persistence lastly got the help of this cold-hearted Judge. (Lk. 18:1 -8). St. Teresa firmly insists that we should never ever quit in prayer. If you like an example: what air is to the lungs so is prayer to the soul. Healthy lungs require pure and consistent air; healthy soul should be continuously breathing through prayer—– the oxygen of the soul!

.2. Meaning of Prayer.

Saint Thomas Aquinas provides us extremely strong however easy suggestions: specify your subject prior to you begin to discuss it. By doing this you can prevent much confusion. Saint Teresa of Avila provides us among the classical meanings of prayer in the history of Catholicism. ““ Prayer is absolutely nothing more than investing a very long time alone with the one I understand likes me.””


A brief summary? 2 pals enjoy each other! Jesus Himself called the Apostles buddies—– so are you contacted us to be a pal with Jesus!

.3. Love for Jesus.

Saint Teresa provides us a tip to prayer development! This lady Doctor of the Church stated that she discovered numerous beautifies by practicing meditation upon the humankind of Jesus. By hanging out with Jesus, the Son of God made male and participating in colloquy with Him is a sure course to development in prayer. Attempt it!

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, in the Spiritual Exercises firmly insists upon us in pleading for this grace:““ Intimate understanding ofJesus that we enjoy Him more ardently and follow Him more carefully.””

. 4. Love for Jesus in HisSufferings.

It appears to be a common measure in lots of saints—– the call to consider the love of Jesus through His affecting enthusiasm—– Padre Pio, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Faustina and Teresa of Avila. For Teresa, she had a magical experience of Ecce Homo; she saw Jesus with His crowned Head and this moved her to a higher love for Jesus.

.5. Holy Spirit: The Divine Teacher in Prayer.

On one event the saint was actually having problem with prayer and she spoke to a Jesuit priest for suggestions on conquering her battle. His suggestions was easy and to the point, however altered her life! The priest demanded hoping to the Holy Spirit. From that point on, following this fantastic guidance to count on the Holy Spirit, Teresa’’ s prayer life enhanced noticeably.

Saint Paul to the Romans restates the very same point: ““ In the exact same method, the Spirit too pertains to the help of our weak point; for we do not understand how to hope as we ought, however the Spirit itself intercedes with inexpressible groanings.”” (Romans 8:26) Let us be led by the most importantly instructors, the Interior Master of prayer, the Holy Spirit.

.6. Spiritual Direction.

To achieve continuous development in the spiritual life, we should have some kind of spiritual instructions. Spiritual loss of sight, all of us experience. The devil can camouflage or camouflage as an angel of light. And the greater we climb up in the spiritual life the more subtle are the strategies and seductions of the devil—“– “ who is looking for us a roaring lion all set to devour us.””( I Peter 5: 8-9)


During the course of her life, Saint Teresa of Avila drew on numerous spiritual directors and a few of these are now canonized saints: Saint John of the Cross (Carmelite), Saint Francis Borgia (Jesuit), Saint Peter of Alcantara (Franciscan), and lastly, Jerome Gracian—– a popular Dominican scholar and theologian. Real, everybody can not have actually 3 canonized saints and a dazzling Dominican theologian to direct us, however we can and need to all discover some kind of regular spiritual instructions. Saint John of the Cross put it candidly: ““ He who as himself as guide has a moron as a disciple.” ” Bingo!

. 7. Conversion and Reform.

A significant emphasize in the life of Saint Teresa of Avila was the entire idea of conversion or reform. With Saint John of the Cross, she was the main instrument that God picked to reform the Carmelite Order. Teresa was acutely conscious of this reality: to transform others we need to begin with ourselves—– this she worked on throughout the entire course of her life on earth!

Jesus’ ’ initially words in preaching were: ““ Be transformed due to the fact that the Kingdom of God is consumed hand.””( Mk.1:15) May we continuously pursue a much deeper conversion of heart through the intercession of Saint Teresa of Avila.

.8. Spiritual Masterpieces—– Her Writings.

Without doubt, among the significant contributions to the Church along with to the world at big are the works or spiritual work of arts of Saint Teresa of Avila. Among her standard styles is that of the value of prayer, and aiming to grow much deeper and much deeper in prayer till one comes to the Mystical Union of the partner with Jesus the Heavenly Spouse.

Anybody who takes his/her prayer life seriously need to understand of Teresa’’ s works and invest a long time in checking out a few of her greasy works. What are her classics? Here they are: ““ Her life ”, ““ The Way of Perfection ”, ““ The Interior Castle ”, “ Foundations ”. In addition to these texts/books, she likewise composed lots of motivating letters. Wish to end up being a saint? Drink and check out from the from works of the saints, specifically the Doctors of the Church!

.9. The Cross as the Bridge to Heaven.

Jesus stated: ““ Anyone who wishes to be my fan should reject himself, use up his cross and follow me.” ” Another common measure in the lives of the saints is the truth of the cross. Saint Louis de Montfort would bless his pals as such: ““ May God bless you and offer you lots of little crosses!””


Saint Teresa coped with a continuous buddy—– the cross of Jesus. Her health was constantly extremely delicate; she nearly passed away while really young. For Saint Teresa of Avila to bring out the Reform of the Carmelite, she suffered continuous attacks and persecutions from numerous nuns in the convent who chose a more comfy way of life, from priests (Carmelites) and from other ecclesiastics. Rather of ending up being prevented and despairing, she happily relied on the Lord even more—– anyhow, it was His doing.

.10. Our Lady &&St. Joseph.

During the entire course of her Religious Life, Saint Teresa of Avila liked the Blessed Virgin Mary—– as prevails in the lives of the saints, and ideally your life! The title of her particular Marian commitment was Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Always remember, in your love for Our Lady, to use the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This is your external indication of consecration to Mary.

Furthermore, Saint Teresa of Avila cultivated a tender and filial love to Saint Joseph. She associated her healing from an illness that practically ended her life to the effective intercession of Saint Joseph. Every brand-new convent that she developed she provided the name of San Jose—– Saint Joseph!

In conclusion, might the fantastic female Doctor of the Church—– the Doctor of prayer—– Saint Teresa of Avila, be a consistent motivation to you in your own spiritual expedition to paradise. May she motivate you to hope more and with higher depth, reach a much deeper conversion of heart, and lastly enjoy Jesus s the well-spring and really center or your life!

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