Testing An AI Robot After It Watched All My Videos

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I’ve answered hundreds if not thousands of your medical questions on this channel, and I’m getting burnt out. So I thought I’d build a Doctor Mike robot, teach him to speak and think like I do, and see if he could answer questions for me. The results were… mixed. Today we talk about acne scars, passing out at the sight of blood, diabetes, stitches, breast milk for bodybuilding, LEGOs, medical school, therapy, helium, natural deodorant vs. aluminum, how to sleep, fever reduction, sunscreen, ringing ears, staring at your phone, and some sicko who wants to buy Bear.

This video isn’t one big joke, we actually pulled this off for real. I got in contact with a software engineer who specializes in Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. We took the caption files of all of the videos on the Doctor Mike channel, fed them into this learning program, and it used those words as the foundation for artificial intelligence. The program is also capable of responding to questions, so after it “learned” how I speak, we fed it actual questions you have sent in and these were the responses. Each question resulted in 5-10 responses, many of which were nonsense and unintelligible. However, there was at least one clear response for each question, which is what you see in this video today. Seeing how this robot responds using my language gives me some job security that AI won’t take over medicine any time soon, but I would be curious to see how the robot would respond if you fed it several medical textbooks, as it seems lots of my natural human speech about non-medicine over the years likely threw the robot for a loop.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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