Texture Talk: Kaya Marriott On Her Natural Hair Journey and the Pinterest Collaboration That Followed

Meet Kaya Marriott : The Canadian material developer, influencer , and blog writer behind Comfy Girl with Curls . In 2016, she began a natural hair blog site committed to sharing techniques, resources, and ideas to make life with textured hairs a little much easier. Previously this month, Marriott was tapped by Pinterest to assist introduce the visual discovery platform’’ s most current natural hair search tool, which enables users to improve their hair motivation searches by 6 various hair patterns : protective, coily, curly, wavy, directly, and shaved/bald.

We overtook the Vancouver belonging to talk with her about how she conquered her preliminary doubt on using natural locks, the effect of being susceptible on social networks and the value of representation online.

Did you accept your natural curls while maturing?

I am extremely lucky that I matured with a mother who commemorated my natural hair, however I did decline it. I felt various and unappealing, particularly maturing in Vancouver. My hair was uncontrollable, without any resources for how to look after it. I grew up blow-drying my hair directly and utilizing a flat iron. In high school, my mama lastly gave up and permitted me to get it completely corrected. I did that for a number of years. As media began to alter and I saw more individuals welcoming their hair, I resembled, ‘‘ You understand what, possibly my hair is lovely.’ ’ Since then, I’ve been natural for about 7 years, accepting my hair, styling it and owning it.

.Did your individual natural hair journey lead you to produce Comfy Girl with Curls?

Definitely. When I chose that I wished to go natural, I wished to have the ability to record the experience and my hope was that a minimum of another individual out there might state, ‘‘ You understand what, my hair resembles hers and it worked for her, perhaps I can do it too.’ ’ That was basically my objective in developing Comfy Girl with Curls. It wasn’t always a huge objective to fill a space that I wasn’t seeing online; it was that ideally, I’’d have the ability to assist another individual out there.

.Has the objective for Comfy Girl with Curls moved in the previous number of years?

As my platform has actually grown, I have actually broadened into classifications like style and way of life. I began extremely specific niche with natural hair and as time has actually passed, I discovered that representation is doing not have throughout the board. It’s not simply seeing natural hair material and motivation that individuals require, individuals require to see charm material with natural hair —– that’s actually effective. Now, my material may not strictly be natural hair, however it includes my natural hair as an included layer of representation.

.What’’ s been the greatest surprise for you considering that sharing your story?

It’s two-fold. The number of individuals my material has actually resonated with and likewise how I’ve had the ability to link and have deep connections with individuals I’’ ve never ever fulfilled– which is amusing for me as an introvert. Opening myself up has actually enabled me to have authentic connections which is so terrific to experience.

.Mentioning connections, how did you get included with Pinterest and what are your ideas on their brand-new hair pattern search tool?

I’’d touched with Pinterest in the past, however when they approached me to assist shine a light on this fantastic effort concentrating on material associated to hair and hair patterns, it was an intermediate yes. I liked that a brand name like Pinterest was even thinking of hair search tools because method.

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.What was your experience utilizing the hair pattern search tool for the very first time?

It actually captured me off guard with how impactful it was. The very first design I key in was ““ wedding event hairdos — ”– the bar turned up where you might pick various hair patterns and I got really psychological. I am so utilized to looking for hair material and requiring to put in qualifiers, whether that be ““ natural hairdos ”, “ natural wedding event hairdos” ” or “ hairdos for black ladies. ” I didn’t recognize how othering it felt. I would enter the default, and I would not be anywhere to be seen. There was no representation.

.What would you state is the greatest effect this tool offers?

Everybody is on the very same playing field. It’s the only online search engine that truly puts visuals at the leading edge. Everybody has the exact same user experience. It benefits every user. The tool is created with inclusivity in mind —– whether you have straight hair or coiled —– and I discover that extremely extensive.

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