‘That was a scary moment’: TikToker films Lyft driver refusing to roll up the windows on highway, trying to grab their phone

 In a TikTok, a Lyft chauffeur tosses a travel suitcase at her guest after she requires he leave the vehicle.

In a TikTok published on Tuesday, a Lyft chauffeur grabs at a TikToker’s phone, pulls her vehicle over on the side of the highway, and needs he leave the cars and truck.

” I’m not going anywhere till you open that trunk,” states @aaron0383, whose luggage is still in the female’s automobile. WTVF , a regional news outlet in Nashville, recognized the TikToker as Aaron Swetland.

The Lyft motorist exits the automobile, barefoot, and tosses Swetland’s travel suitcase towards him on the roadway.


” Fuck you and fuck your mom, too,” the Lyft motorist states to the electronic camera.

Swetland captioned the TikTok “when the Lyft chauffeur does not wish to roll up the windows while driving 80,” which WTVF reported was the beginning of the run-in in between the 2.

According to WTVF, Swetland’s motorist had actually locked the windows in the cars and truck to guarantee they stayed open. She turned around and saw him tape-recording her when he asked her to slow down. When the video starts, that’s.

” When she attempted to get for my phone and toss it out of the automobile that was a frightening minute,” Swetland informed WTVF. “Because I’m like—– had she was successful, I lost my only method to interact.”

Swetland informed WTVF that “this actually can occur to any person,” so anybody utilizing ride-hailing apps ought to stay mindful and mindful of their environments.


Lyft’s main TikTok account talked about Swetland’s initial video, stating that the platform has actually suspended the motorist displayed in the video.

” Safety is essential to Lyft,” Lyft’s declaration stated. “The occurrence revealed here is worrying.”

In a declaration to WTVF, Lyft likewise stated the business will start a “complete examination” of the event.

Commenters praised how Swetland reacted to the circumstance. “The method you managed it, we might completely be buddies and get a beer,” composed @joeyloescher.

Swetland did not instantly react to the Daily Dot’s ask for remark by means of TikTok remark.

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