The dire post-earthquake conditions in Haiti are worsening under Tropical Storm Grace

“;Grace”; is an ironic name for a tropical storm that is dumping more pain and suffering on the people of Haiti, where the reported death toll has risen to 1,941, with over 9,900 people injured. The weather is hampering relief efforts. Also, due to the media’s focus on Afghanistan, Haiti and its needs are not the number-one story here; in fact, Haiti isn”;t even trending on social media.

The U.S. has the largest population of the Haitian diaspora, with more than a million people who are either immigrants or of Haitian descent, most concentrated in New York and Florida. Though the United States has had a gruesome history with Haiti, I”;m grateful today that we no longer have a racist menace–;who openly named Haiti a “;sh*thole“;–;at the helm of this nation, and that President Biden immediately sent aid to Haiti, naming USAID Administrator Samantha Power as the head of our relief efforts.

I have been following Power on Twitter, where she has been posting updates.

So grateful to those involved in the #Haitiearthquake2021 response

–; Samantha Power (@PowerUSAID) August 18, 2021

I spoke to Commandant of @USCG Admiral Karl Schultz this afternoon to extend our gratitude for all his crews are doing for the #Haiti earthquake response, including medevac operations bringing over 50 critically injured people to Port-au-Prince for treatment on flights like this.

–; Samantha Power (@PowerUSAID) August 17, 2021

Footage of a @USCG medevac operation in #Haiti yesterday. Working with Haitian first responders, the US evacuated over 40 people for urgent care. On return flights they”;ve brought more Haitian medical staff, @USAID search & rescue team members, & 1,000 pounds of medical supplies.

–; Samantha Power (@PowerUSAID) August 17, 2021

No surprise to anyone, Chef José Andrés and his World Central Kitchen team have been on the scene doing what they do best: providing food for both rescue teams and Haitians who are now homeless.

Hot @WCKitchen meals & sandwiches loaded onto an emergency helicopter for hospitals in Les Cayes, Haiti…;Next flight to Jeremie! Tomorrow our kitchen will be active in Cayes, so we also loaded 2 trucks of supplies & food that are driving down south with our partner @CoreResponse!

–; José Andrés (@chefjoseandres) August 17, 2021

Dinner from the @WCKitchen team loaded on a @USCG Coast Guard helicopter en route to Jeremie, Haiti this evening! 🚁 In the black boxes: a hearty dish of braised chicken, eggplant, potato & squash over rice with peas from our Port-au-Prince kitchen–;plus sandwiches! #ChefsForHaiti

–; Nate Mook (@natemook) August 18, 2021

Former President Obama has called upon us to help and posted a suggested list of organizations to donate to:

Right now, thousands of people in Haiti are injured and even more are homeless after an earthquake hit the island on Saturday. If you”;re looking for ways to make a difference, here are some organizations that are helping Haitians recover and rebuild.

–; Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 17, 2021

Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help:

Hope for Haiti

For 30 years, Hope for Haiti has provided support for Haitian families and children to alleviate generational poverty.


Since 1995, FOKAL has educated, trained, and inspired children, women, and marginalized groups to create change in Haitian society.

Health Equity International/St. Boniface Hospital

The team at St. Boniface is coordinating care and providing emergency response for injured survivors.

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

The Haiti Emergency Relief Fund sends donations directly to grassroot community organizations across the country.

Locally Haiti

Based in rural Haiti, Locally Haiti supports economic development and the overall well-being of families by investing in locally-led initiatives, from educational programming to community health centers.

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on our lives and livelihoods, many readers don”;t have funds to support the relief efforts. If that is your case, you can help by keeping Haiti in the headlines by sharing stories and support links.

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