The Joy of playing as Total War: Warhammer 3’s unpretentious foodies, the Ogre Kingdoms

Back in 2012, the late great Antony Bourdain tweeted an impassioned defence of a fellow food writer, then 85 year old Marilyn Hagerty, whose recent positive review of her local Olive Garden had become the subject of widespread memery. I”;ve never eaten at an Olive Garden because a.) we don”;t have them in the UK, and b.) unlimited pasta sounds like a death sentence. But I understand it”;s viewed as a faux-fancy chain for people who think Al Dente was the name of the man who invented spaghetti, and not somewhere you”;d want to earnestly praise as a quote unquote “;serious critic”;.

Big Tones was having none of it. He applauded Hagerty”;s celebration of Olive Garden as a genuine expression of widespread American food culture, calling her detractors “;snarkologists”;, and then published a book of her reviews. A class act, no doubt. And it”;s this championing of the everyman gourmand, this deep passion for non-exclusionary, unpretentious foodie culture, that powers Total War: Warhammer 3“;s most joyfully silly campaign experience.

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