The Wild Joy of Foraging My Own Food

Foraging-Essay-Texas-Dripping-Springs-PlantsWhen I tell someone I”;m a hobbyist forager, the responses range from shock to wonder, confusion, and suspicion. I tell them that this February, when Texas froze over and the power grid failed statewide, I felt weirdly at peace. I had a pantry filled with foraged staples: acorns, pecans, elderflower, juniper berries, and dried allium canadense, or wild garlic. I could walk out to the nearby parks and trails in the Hill Country to find more if absolutely necessary. As food insecurity rose, particularly among those in poverty or those who had lost work during the pandemic in my mixed-income neighborhood in San Antonio, my neighbors traded pantry items with me for brioche bread I had made largely from wild ingredients like acorn flour and…;View Original Post

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