This free Unreal Engine 5 tech demo has me salivating over the future of next-gen food

When Epic unveiled their first Unreal Engine 5 tech demo last year, its ultra-realistic geometry systems and dynamic lighting effects looked impressive and all, but the resulting Tomb Raider-esque sequence left me feeling a little cold. To my eyes, Epic’s tech demo didn’t really look that much different to what games look like now.

After playing a new UE5 tech demo from Japanese studio Historia, however, I am fully converted to the merits of Epic’s new game engine. At 20GB-odd, The Market Of Light is a hefty download for its 15-20 run-time, but this freeform exploration game is absolutely worth a look if your PC meets its surprisingly reasonable tech requirements – especially if you’re a fan of games that feature cooking. Seriously, Epic’s Tomb Raider lady can get stuffed. For me, Unreal Engine 5 is all about delicious-looking next-gen food.

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