This startup is using 3D printing to make silicone-based breast implants and prostheses for mastectomy survivors

Breast cancer is a growing issue for females throughout the world. According to WHO information , 2.3 million ladies were detected with breast cancer worldwide in 2020, and 685,000 females lost the fight to the illness.

Sometimes, in order to prevent or deal with breast cancer amongst those at a greater threat, females go through mastectomy surgical treatment i.e., partial or total elimination of breasts. A number of medical resources have actually verified that the occurrence of anxiety prevails in breast cancer survivors. The psychological tension and stress and anxiety from battling cancer takes an additional blow after mastectomy as ladies might deal with psychological concerns connected to self-image and self-confidence.

 Prayasta Team

Image Credit: Prayasta 3D Inventions

Bengaluru-based  Prayasta 3D Inventions , established by Shilpi Sen and Vikas Garg in 2017, is aiming to assist mastectomy survivors by establishing unique 3D printing innovation to produce customised breast augmentation and prostheses.

The start-up is focused on establishing customised soft tissue implants and prostheses, and has actually begun its journey with a concentrate on breast augmentation. It will ultimately concentrate on other tissue implants consisting of the chin, nasal, lip, pectoral, gluteal, and malar, to name a few.

Shilpi started investigating the issue after she lost her maternal auntie to breast cancer. While operating in the interaction section at Nuffic’s Netherlands Education Support Office (NESO) India, she fulfilled Vikas, who originates from a health care background with abilities in 3D printing and the advancement of unique 3D printing innovations for managing bio-compatible products.

Speaking to YourStory, the co-founders describe there was a requirement for customised breast augmentation of prostheses rather of all size fit to assist females feel more comfy. In order to accomplish personalisation, the group developed the whole medical-grade silicone printer indigenously.

““ The innovation was established internal and the printer Silimac P250 was made from scratch to produce our final product,” ” Shilpi states.


Silimac P250 [Image Credit: Prayasta]

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Fighting cancer and losing an organ at the same time can cause inconceivable psychological tension.Amidst suchtimes, the last thing one requires is supportive remarks from others continuously advising them about their implant or prostheses.

Prayasta is aiming to guarantee one-to-one personalisation according to the females ’ s body size, structure, and shape, and makes sure the implant is closest to the natural organ.  Prayasta 3D Inventions

Image Credit: Prayasta 3D Inventions

Vikas discusses the personalisation requirement is not just associated to the look of the organ however likewise has health ramifications. Breast augmentation are typically filled with silicone gel, which has its own weight. If the implant weight does not match the user ’ s body weight requirements, it can ultimately cause pain in the back and posture issues, to name a few.

“ We utilize the exact same product silicone that is utilized for making the existing implants. What is various is the production procedure. Traditional implants are used dip casting technique utilizing a mandrel constructed out of metal or other product. Mandrel is virtually a design template of sizes and shape. One takes this mandrel and dips it in silicone and puts it inside to strengthen the silicone. After duplicating this procedure about 8 to 10 times, we lastly get the silicone shell, which then requires to be filled with silicone gel. The opening is then closed utilizing another spot of silicone covering. That is how standard breast augmentation is made, ” he includes.

Now, the issue in this approach is the mandrels are pre-made on the basis of a generalised concept of sizes and shape and the end-users acquire the design, which is the closest suitable for them. In case of one-to-one personalisation utilizing the traditional approach,” one will require to get the whole mandrel made, which is very pricey.

3D printing gets rid of the whole requirement for mandrel as virtualisation ends up being extremely simple. One can develop the shape, size, and type in the printer and a computer system can straight take input from that computer system. Apart from this, it likewise gets rid of the requirement to fill silicone gel or saline within.

The co-founders discuss that in case of saline or gel-filled implants, if the user enters into a mishap that bursts the external shell, the implant will require to be instantly altered as silica gel can be deadly. Due to this factor, conventional breast augmentation are not appropriate for stitches.

In case of 3D printing, completion items are leakproof, suturable, and well balanced according to body weight, and likewise makes sure body balance.

“ It is likewise extremely essential that the touch and the feel of the implant when as soon as it is implanted is as close as possible to the natural organ nevertheless the natural tissue varies from individual to individual. Hence, personalisation assists resolve this obstacle, ” he includes.

Shilpa notifies that the 3D printing innovation established by Prayasta has actually been approved a patent in India, and the start-up has actually likewise applied for patents in the United States and Europe.

 Prayasta Snapshot

Illustration: YS Design

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Shilpi exposes that implantsand intrusive medical gadgets need regulator screening and approvals, which can use up to 5 to 6 years prior to it gets commercially released.

However, Prayasta is seeking to commercially introduce its prostheses in themarket within the next 6 months. The model is all set at present and is seeking to go through trials.

“ We are now aiming to partner with NGOs, medical facilities, health care organizations, and so on, who will assist develop awareness, inform ladies, inform physicians and other health care employees on why personalisation is needed, ” she includes.

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the international breast augmentation market size was valued at$ 2.76 billion in 2019 and it is anticipated to reach$ 3.05 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.2 percent.

While the innovation is relatively brand-new, another gamer in this area is France-based Lattice Medical, which establishes a 3D printed tissue-engineered and bioabsorbable implant for breast restoration surgical treatments.

Vikas, nevertheless, highlights an issue in the Indian market. He describes that in a lot of Western nations, the surgical treatment is covered under medical insurance. It is not the case in India due to the fact that breast implant surgical treatment is mostly thought about under cosmetic surgical treatment. He describes there is a requirement for awareness about the very same in the market to comprehend that breast augmentation can be essential for cancer survivors.

Prayasta started its journey with a grant from DST under Nidhi Prayas. It likewise won a great deal of competitors and is supported by grants from MSME Center of Excellence, Indian Institute of Science under Design Clinic, DERBI Foundation, BIRAC ’ s Biotech Ignition Grant, and Startup Karnataka grant under ElevateCall2.

“ We are now open up to raising funds to continue our journey. We are likewise seeking to produce a medical board of advisers where we can look for aid and assistance from professional physicians in these locations, ” Vikas includes.

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