TikTok doctor goes viral for video on why peeing in the shower is bad

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” Is it OK to pee in the shower?” is among those concerns that’s ensured to spark a firestorm on social networks. Twitter’s leg-washing dispute has absolutely nothing on this. While the majority of viewpoints most likely boil down to “gross” or “not gross,” this TikTok medical professional has a more advanced argument versus shower urination.

TikToker @scrambledjam is a medical physician who publishes a great deal of videos about the bladder and pelvic flooring, and her point of view has absolutely nothing to do with whether it’s hygienic to pee in the shower. It’s everything about what shower-peeing can possibly do to your body.

Her very first argument associates with the popular Pavlov’s Dog experiment. She mentions that if you make a routine of peeing in the shower, you might produce a Pavlovian action to the noise of running water. This might quickly trigger issues down the line, when your bladder control is less reliable in later life. Essentially, hearing the noise of a shower might make you pee.


Her 2nd point specifies to individuals who were designated woman at birth. “Your pelvic flooring isn’’ t going to unwind properly” if you pee standing, she discusses. “Which implies that you aren’’ t truly going to be clearing your bladder very well.””

Sharing an unforeseen angle on an argument that’s normally controlled by individuals’s visceral responses, this video is a fantastic example of why TikTok requires more certified professionals on the platform.

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