To Stop “Elites,” Ron Johnson Announces He’s Running for Third Senate Term

Ron Johnson, among the more dedicated Trump patriots in the Senate, is running for reelection in Wisconsin. After initially stating he would retire after 2 terms, Johnson’s turnaround, which he revealed in a Sunday Wall Street Journal piece, tees up a close race in Wisconsin that might figure out control of the Senate.

” During the 2016 project, I stated it would be my last project and last term. That was my strong choice, and my spouse’s—– we both anticipated a typical personal life,” Johnson composed. “Neither people expected the Democrats’ total takeover of federal government and the dreadful policies they have actually currently caused on America and the world, to state absolutely nothing of those they threaten to enact in the future.”

He did not define these “devastating” policies, however went on to compose that “numerous individuals” have actually prompted him to run in order to keep speaking “realities the elite in federal government, mainstream media and Big Tech do not desire you to hear.”

Again, Johnson provided no specifics, however over his ten-year Senate profession, he’s not precisely won a track record as a reality teller. He’s been a ringleader in dispersing false information about Covid vaccines and promoted conspiracies about treatment for the infection. Within Wisconsin, he’s consistently echoed Donald Trump’s phony claims about election scams in 2020 and advised state Republicans to unlawfully defy Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and assert unilateral control over federal elections.

He’s an old-fashioned Republican—– environment denier ; Atlas Shrugged literalist —– with Trump period nerve. He stated the January 6 rioters were “individuals that enjoy this nation, that really regard police, [and] would never ever do anything to break the law.” (More than 100 policemans were hurt throughout the insurrection.) What would have frightened Johnson? If the rioters were connected with Black Lives Matter .

Johnson directly won reelection in 2016, however Democrats responding to his pursuit of a 3rd term appear primed for a much closer—– and more explosive race—– this time around. “He’s an active hazard to American democracy, a danger to public health and a financial saboteur of the middle class,” Ben Wikler, chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party informed the New York Times. “His sole redeeming quality in public life is that in 2022, he’s going to motivate Democrats to turn and arrange out.”


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