Top 25 Memes of The Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #165

Do you feel that? That sensation you get when it’s Friday and you understand you get to oversleep tomorrow? Ah, it’s such a scrumptious sensation and we understand that you understand what we’re discussing. It’s a sensation that simply feels so excellent and it’s a universal sensation– everybody enjoys Fridays.

We enjoy Fridays, not just since of that scrumptious sensation however due to the fact that it’s our charming user’s opportunity to shine with Lolcats! When it comes to feline memes, Lolcats is the supreme source! And brand-new feline memes are being included and produced on the everyday!

Each Friday , we gather the most upvoted 25 memes and include them here for all to see. If you wish to take part on the enjoyable, have a look at our meme home builder and meme away!


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Written by mettablog

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