Tumblr Thread: Awwdorable Rescue Cat Learns To Meow

Howdy folks, we hope that everyone is having a pawmazing Tuesday full of good vibes and cute doggos. Today we have a pretty special story to share with you, all thanks to the wonderful world of Tumblr. You see here at ICanHas Cheezburger, we love any kind of heartwarming rescue story, especially if it’s equal parts cute and funny. 

In this case, a Tumblr user adopted an awwdorable stray cat who had been raised in the wilderness her whole life, and quickly discovered that this cat had no idea how to meow or get a human’s attention after years of growing up isolated in the wilderness. Thankfully her hooman put in a lot of love and work, and has a cute story about how after several years, the cat eventually learned how to meow. Take a look:


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Written by mettablog

By: Chrissy Carroll

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