Tumblr Thread: Doggos Who Flunked Out Service Dog Programs

Dogs are angels. They simply are. They are too great for this world, too great for mankind. They’re pawfect. And at some point, they are too ideal. In some cases, pet dogs gets expelled from doggy-daycare for being too adorable and bring in a lot of suitors. Other times, they’re too great for motion pictures and their wagging tails destroy their ‘wicked pet dog’ shots . And when it concerns service pet training … it’s the very same story.

Service pets are remarkable , and they do such essential things. The training is extensive, and death is not in the cards for every single doggo. Specifically those additional pawfect ones. Here, you will check out such too-good-for-this-world pet dogs who have actually failed out of their service canine programs, and you will discover yourself falling for canines all over once again.


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